X-Ray Grids

Intex X-Ray Grids contain the purest lead available to ensure superior efficiency in removing scattered radiation and leading to superlative clean up.

Superior quality images are achieved through the use of finest lead strips and aluminum interspacers which are milled to precise uniformity.

Grid strips are sealed between a smooth aluminum cover and finished in enamel, providing complete resistance to heat and moisture, guaranteeing years of trouble free service.

Cassette Size

Actual Size

 85 LPI

 103 LPI













Please specify FFD when ordering (34"-44", 40"-72", 60"-72")

Intex grids may be installed in a variety of grid protection devices, from flat encasements, to grid caps (snap-on), cassette channels and grid cassettes. Strong construction using LexanŽ , steel and aluminum will give maximum protection for your valuable grids, and help to avoid the expense of down time while waiting for repairs or replacements.
Flat Encasements
Grid Encasements seals your grid within High-Impact Polycarbonate for maximum protection. 

Designed with extended edge for grid channels or flush mounted to fit over cassette. Edges are sealed.

 Prices do not include the cost of the grid.

Snap-On Grid Holder
Steel construction with LexanŽ encased. Performs dual function of protecting x-ray grid while converting existing film cassette into a grid cassette. Cassette is held in place by pressure springs. Available in all sizes to fit all cassettes up to 14" x36".

 Prices do not include the cost of the grid.

E-Z Glide Cassette Holder
Grid is laminated between two sheets of LexanŽ , for maximum protection, with permanently installed cassette channels to allow easy insertion and removal of the cassette.

 Prices do not include the cost of the grid.




GRID-LOK is the latest innovation in grid protective devices. Although it is made of light-weight durable plastic, there is nothing light weight about the benefits offered by the GRID-LOK. What's unique about this device is that it is designed with easy to use pressure clips that hold the cassette in place. Not only is your grid protected within the GRID-LOK device, the cassette is securely held in place so there is no danger of dropping the cassette out of the device causing physical harm or cassette damage.


The GRID-LOK will accept all types of cassettes, easily converting any cassette to a grid cassette, and is excellent for CR applications. The GRID-LOK provides an additional layer of protection against contamination from blood-contained viruses. The distinctive locking feature of the Grid-Lok securely holds in any 35 x 43 cm (14 x 17") a technologist chooses to utilize.

85 LPI

103 LPI